30 Jan 2020
Michael Pucci

Clover Station Pro

New Clover Pro In 2020

Starting in just a few weeks from the time of this post we will be offering a new point of sale: the Clover Pro. Starting on February 15th, 2020 we will be offering this exciting new point of sale for new and existing clients.  The Clover Station Pro Terminal is an answer for everyone who wants to have the functionality of a fully powered Clover Station but also includes the functionality of having an interactive screen facing towards your customer.

As a design change, this is a huge step forward for restaurant and retail sales location. To start, the Clover Pro visual display will function as a running tally for your customer as you ring them out. In addition, the front facing screen can be used to allow customers to join customer loyalty programs as well as serve as a pin-pad for debit sales.

The layout design of the system layout isn’t the only major improvements to our new Clover Pro family addition. The customer facing display uses anti-fingerprint, anti-microbial, Gorilla Glass 3. For touch screen users, you know this is vital for hardware life longevity and overall customer presentation. Under the hood the Station Pro is coming with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core processor. This set of four cores running at up to 2.2 GHz will process sales apps fast than ever.

This Clover Station Supports 4G Cellular

The biggest improvement to the Station Pro is that this is the first Clover station that supports 4G Cellular data. This increased functionality provides the ability to connect via a dedicated 4G wireless service even if your internet is down. The addition of our 4G Cellular Data options isn’t taking anything away from prior communication options. Both LAN and WIFI options will still be available for the Clover Pro.

We know the new Clover Pro are going to be an incredibly high demand item. This new system provides many solutions for our customers. If you are ready to move into the next generation of point of sale and sales register support or have questions you would like answered contact us below!

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