Comic Book Store POS Systems: Clover™ is a Great Choice

9 Jun 2016
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The wall of a comic book store.

For many people, running a comic book store is a dream come true, a chance to turn a passion into a career. Not to mention, it’s a great excuse to read comic books on the clock! But as with any dream, there’s a less pleasant reality that always insists on coming along for the ride.

With running a comic book store that reality comes with the cold hard facts of managing any retail business. There’s a whole lot of work that goes into it, and it’s not always as much fun as sitting around reading back issues of Alpha Flight. (But then, what is?)

Keeping up with inventory, ordering stock, dealing with vendors, keeping the books, managing payroll, and more all make running a comics shop a considerable job. Sometimes it might seem like you need superpowers to do the job right – but luckily for mild mannered comic book store owners everywhere, nothing could be further from the truth. But you do need the right tools for the job.

And when it comes to comic book retail, a Clover™ point of sale system is even better than a utility belt.

The Benefits of Clover™ POS Systems for Comic Book Stores

Clover™ point of sale terminals are sleek, stylish systems that combine modern design with completely integrated, state-of-the-art functionality. Accept cash, credit cards, EMV chip cards, PIN debit, mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, and more all from a single terminal. Clover™ also offers full PCI-DSS compliance so that you can be sure your customers and their information will be kept safe from the bad guys.

But what truly sets Clover™ apart from the competition is its dedicated App Market, which lets you mix and match retail software applications to create the perfect POS system for you and your store’s needs. Here are some of our favorite Clover™ apps – but there are dozens more for almost any need.

POS Software and Apps for Comic Book Stores


stockIt by Revco Holdings, LLC lets you manage inventory and orders all from your POS terminal. Item quantities are automatically updated when a sale is made, and will automatically send restock orders to your vendors to save you time and effort. This kind of functionality is crucial in an industry with high product turnover, like comic book stores.

Digital Word of Mouth

We’re in the golden age of marketing according to some, and getting your brand out there has never been more important. This is just as true for comic book stores as it is for any other business. With Clover™ apps like Kingdon’s Digital Word of Mouth you can put your shop’s marketing on auto-pilot. Digital Word of Mouth offers customer rewards and incentives, coupons, automated social media, SMS, and email marketing, and more. Apart from an awesome store, it’s all you’ll need to get people talking.

Commerce Sync

Successful comic book stores make an awful lot of small transactions – a single issue here and a pack of Magic: The Gathering cards there can make for a good day, but it also makes for a headache when it comes time to do the books. Save hundreds of hours a year by automatically transferring your daily sales into your QuickBooks or Xeno software with IP Commerce, Inc.’s Commerce Sync app.

Online Store

Of all the apps offered on the Clover™, perhaps none is more powerful than their own Online Store app. Clover™ Online Store is a comprehensive tool that provides everything you need to launch an e-commerce website and bring your inventory to customers all over the world. Work with easy templates to create a responsive, SEO-friendly website that will make every computer screen on the planet your very own comic book storefront.

Through third-party apps, Clover™ can also be used for integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento.

Get Your Clover™ POS System from Turnkey Processing

If you’re interested in a Clover™ POS system for your comic book store, get it from the team at Turnkey Processing. While some Clover™ dealers will simply send you a terminal and leave you to take it from there, Turnkey works with you to make the most out of your system, offering guidance through the set-up process and any learning curve that follow. Fill out the contact form below to learn more. Excelsior!

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