Will Pay at the Table Become a Favored Option as More Dine Out?

15 Aug 2018

As the economy improves and consumers gain confidence in spending again, there are a number of channels also seeing an increase in business. One that’s gaining increasing importance is the food industry.

Reports show that dining out is on the rise and people are spending more time paying for meals out to eat at restaurants than they were just a few years ago.

Along with this increase in the people who are heading to dine out, there are also several new technologies that improve food service processes and aim to create better customer experiences.

Dining out to eat

Pay at the table is one of the newer technologies being used by more restaurants to give diners more flexibility with paying at the end of a meal while also freeing up wait staff to focus their time on orders, and quality care.

Some of the reasons pay at the table makes sense for modern restaurants are because it speeds up the overall process, helps the business to turn tables faster and it increases customer control over their bills as well as security benefits. With a pay at the table option, diners can split the check, tip and even order on their own without their card ever having to leave the table.

Clover’s POS solutions are a great fit for restaurants as they offer the ability to revolutionize how customers can order and pay.

Adding a Clover Mini POS tablet to each table along with ordering software will make it possible for restaurant goers to browse menus, select their choices and finalize their orders to send to the kitchen.

Another great option is Clover Flex. This small portable, handheld POS tool has a built-in receipt printer and is great for flexible pay at the table options. Once patrons have finished eating and decide they want to pay and leave they don’t have to wait until staff can print their check and clear it. Instead, with a simple swipe of their payment method, they can be on their way. That’s the kind of convenience today’s diners are craving.

Thinking about adding pay-at-the-table at your food establishment? Get in touch with Turnkey. We offer customizable, user-friendly processing solutions and can guide you through your options, answer all your questions and help your business grow!

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