What to Look for in a Bar POS System

17 Mar 2016

Employees and patrons of a hip modern bar.

If you’ve worked in the hospitality or service industries for more than about five minutes, you’re sure to have some pretty strong opinions about point of sale systems. We know how you feel.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bar’s current point of sale system, or even starting a whole new business from scratch, there’s a lot to consider. Keep reading to learn more about finding the right bar POS system for you.

Considerations for Your Bar’s Next POS System

Ease of Use.

Whether you’re a bar, restaurant, nightclub, or anything in between, you know how hectic things can get. The last thing you want is a backlog of thirsty customers because your new bartender is having trouble cashing a customer out on a clunky, difficult-to-use POS system. A good bar POS system is intuitive, easy to use, and more or less idiot-proof.


Modern POS systems are becoming more and more agile as technology improves. If all a given POS system can handle is taking money or processing credit card transactions, odds are it will prove to be less than stellar in more ways than one.

A versatile bar POS system is one that not only accepts multiple payment options like cash, credit, EMV cards, and modern mobile payment options, but one that can help with tasks like inventory tracking, employee management, and even marketing.

Age Verification

This might fall under the umbrella of “versatility,” but it’s important enough that it warrants its own mention. Serving underage patrons can mean life or death for any bar, and odds are you won’t always be able to have a dedicated employee checking IDs at the door.

A good bar POS system will have tools to help bartenders and other staff members verify your patrons are of age.


With all you rely on your POS system for, it’s important that you’re certain it’s secure. And by security we don’t mean, “resistance to being pried open” (though that’s important too). Data security and PCI-DSS Compliance Standards are more important now than ever to protect the sensitive information of you and your customers alike.


Security is one thing, but your POS system shouldn’t be bolted down behind the bar. With wireless and mobile hardware you can easily set up auxiliary payment stations during busy nights and other events, take orders and payments during bottle service, and provide your staff with the kind of nimbleness that the service industry requires.

Whatever’s Right for You

Of course, these are just basic guidelines. Every business is different, and brings a different set of needs to the table. Identify pain points specific to you based on your own experiences, and be sure to bring them up when you’re shopping for your POS.

Clover™ POS Systems do All This and More

Clover™ POS systems are sleek, modern units with intuitive touch-screen operation based on Android OS. With options like the Clover Mobile and Clover Mini, you can scale according to your needs, and Clover’s dedicated App Marketplace boasts hundreds of original applications to help with almost any need you can think of.

Apps like stockIt and Commerce Sync help with day-to-day chores like inventory management and bookkeeping, while Drink Exchange and Trivia Nights! turn your POS system into game machine that will help bring in customers.

Other apps can help integrate your social media marketing, verify IDs, add credit card tips, pre-approve bar tabs, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting a Clover™ POS system for your bar or restaurant, get in touch with the authorized vendors at Turnkey Processing by filling out the form below.

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