The Benefits of Clover™ POS Systems for Food Trucks

1 Feb 2016

A converted school bus serving as a food truck, serving at the Oberlin Farmer's Market.So you’re finally doing it – you’re following your dream of owning your own food truck. Maybe you’re serving up vegan tacos; maybe Texas-style barbecue brisket is more your style. Either way, there’s a lot of ground to cover when it comes to starting any new food truck business. We’ll let you worry about the name, the menu, the equipment, the paint job, finding a spot with that golden intersection of free street parking and numerous hungry pedestrians, and all the other fun details that go into making a food truck successful.

Instead, let’s talk about point of sale systems.

Point of sale (POS) systems for food trucks are an important tool for success. They do the crucial job of helping to take your customers’ hard-earned dollars and making them your own. It’s more complicated than an old-fashioned cash register, and it’s important that you get a POS system with all the features you’ll need to run your business your way.

POS systems from Clover™ feature all the versatility and quality you’ll need to get the job done right. Other people might try to sell you on smartphone or tablet apps that mimic a good POS system, but they don’t do much more than the bare minimum – what else could you expect from an app that’s sharing room with games, social media platforms, music, pictures, and all the other stuff your keep on your phone’s hard drive?

Let’s take a closer look at what Clover™ can offer you and your food truck business – whether you’re a hungry startup or you’ve already got some miles on you.

Clover™ POS Systems for Food Trucks

Mobility – Clover™ Mobile is the world’s first integrated mobile POS system, with fully portable hardware that boasts easy touchscreen operation and software that allows access to a versatile Clover™ App Market, in addition to cloud-based data storage and more. Don’t worry about plugging it in – the Clover™ Mobile can last all day on a single battery charge.

Multiple Payment Options – While your competition has a “cash only” sign and a hand-made box of loose dollar bills underneath Two cones of fresh food truck French fries, held triumphantly aloft.the window, you’ll be able to accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, EMV chip cards, contactless payments like Apple Pay, and more. A huge demographic for any food truck are young adults (okay, “Millennials”) who don’t always carry cash. Why turn them away because you don’t have the right POS system?

Custom Reports and Sales Analytics – Clover™ POS systems include built-in analytics software, and additional reporting apps are available in the App Market. In fact, The Mobile Vendor app from Tursus is designed especially for food trucks! Keep track of sales, identify trends, and gather all the knowledge you need to move your business forward.

Keep Lines Moving – Clover™ is designed for a lot of things, but chief among them is ease and speed of use. Never keep a line any longer than it needs to be just because your payment system is slowing you down.

Social Media Integration – Social media and food trucks are a match made in heaven. Both are cheap, both are popular with young people, and both are best when you’re on-the-go.  Clover’s App Market features a number of apps dedicated to integrating your on-the-ground business with your social media profiles. Run flash sales, let customers know where you’re going to be, manage posts, and more.

Other Features – Other features of Clover™ Mobile systems include barcode scanner, front-facing camera, two connectivity options (wireless or wireless with 3G), anti-microbial Gorilla® Glass display screen, and more.

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Top image credit: Edsel Little via Flickr/Creative Commons