The Benefits of Clover™ Mobile POS for Convention Vendors

4 Nov 2019
Michael Pucci


The Benefits of Clover™ Mobile POS for Convention Vendors

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Odds are there’s not just one convention you go to and the benefits of Clover Mobile will make your life better at all of them. This month you have a horror convention, then a gaming convention, followed by an anime convention, and then a horror anime gaming convention. With you being regularly on the go, your point of sale system needs to be truly mobile. Clover Mobile is a fully integrated mobile POS that literally fits in one hand. With touch screen functionality and a battery that can last an entire day your time scrounge for outlets to recharge your phone to do sales is over. The Clover Mobile will take care of your sales needs in a much more elegant and professional way while letting you use your phone what it was intended for… pet pictures and app games.

Accepts a Variety of Payment Methods

No matter what your business, “cash only” isn’t a great business model these days. with the Clover Mobile you can accept cash, credit cards, EMV chip cards, PIN debit cards, mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, and even SNAP benefits through EBT cards. When making or losing a sale can be completely dependent on making the sale RIGHT NOW before your customer walks past 100 other sales booths to the single ATM, it is vital that you never let your sales walk away.

Never turn a potential customer away because you can’t accept their preferred payment again!

Automates Time-Consuming TasksSeoul Convention

How much time do you currently spend on invoicing? Ordering supplies from vendors? Filing sales taxes? Clover systems boast a robust App Market that includes numerous applications and software packaged designed specially to eliminate these bothersome chores.

Numerous other apps help with everything from placing fast food orders to browsing the web and automating your social media marketing. Look through countless apps for options to help your business perform better, with less effort, and fewer lost opportunities.

Learn More about Clover™ Mobile

If you’re interested in your very own Clover™ Mobile POS system, Turnkey Processing is the team to call. An authorized Clover retailer, Turnkey takes their service a step beyond the competition. Other retailers will often simply send you a system in a box, but Turnkey helps you set your Clover, learn how to use it, and integrate it into your business. Get a quote and learn more by filling out the form below.


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