The Benefits of Clover Mini POS Systems for Small Businesses

31 Dec 2015

A customer paying with a Clover Mini POS system at a small business.Running a small business has never been easy, but business owners and managers face a number of challenges today that their parents could never have imagined.

“Cash or credit?” is a question that no longer conveys the number of options provided to consumers; businesses need to accommodate customers paying with cash, credit, debit, EMV cards, smartphones, gift cards, and more or be left in the dust. The tech boom has created unprecedented opportunities for connectivity, marketing, and analytics, but placed the burden of legwork on businesses. Businesses with brick-and-mortar locations also need to compete with near-endless apps, online options, and more, making a top-notch customer experience more crucial than ever.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to these or any other challenges, but having the right tools can make the entrepreneurial experience a lot less painless. If you’re a small business owner or manager looking for something to make your life easier, consider a Clover Mini POS system – a simple, budget friendly tool that offers more benefits than you might expect.

Broaden Your Potential Customer Base by Accepting Multiple Payment Methods

Old-fashioned registers are only good for cash, and most POS systems accept swipe credit card and PIN debit cards. These optionsA vintage cash register with a red slash drawn on top. might take care of a significant portion of your potential customers, but by no means all of them. Modern consumers – especially younger Millennials with a lot of disposable income and an eagerness to establish brand loyalty – are moving toward alternative payment methods, such as contactless smartphone-based payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. By neglecting to accept these alternative payment methods you’re literally refusing to take perfectly good money.

With the Clover Mini system, you can accept swipe (MSR) credit cards, PIN debit cards, EMV chip cards (required since late 2015), contactless NFC payment, and even personal checks. With a Clover system, there’s virtually nothing you won’t have the capability to accept.

Gain Valuable Sales and Marketing Insights with Custom Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your business and sales trends by gathering and analyzing important information like items sold, time sold, employees. Find patterns, identify strengths, address weaknesses, get performance indicators, and more by using running these metrics through any of the analytics apps available for the Clover POS system. Like the old saying goes, knowledge is power. Empower your business.

Manage Your Business Anywhere, Anytime

Clover software is accessible via cloud-based software that lets you get to your information and run your business from any device, anywhere. In line at the DMV? Take a look at sales totals from last week. Dog sitting for a friend? Manage payroll or take care of next week’s schedule. The possibilities are endless.

Other Features of the Clover Mini

  • On-screen signature capturehardware-mini-compare
  • A built-in receipt printer
  • Front-facing camera for barcode and QR code reading
  • Ethernet/Wi-Fi or Ethernet/Wi-Fi/3G connectivity options
  • 7” display screen made of antimicrobial glass
  • Built-in fraud protection from TransArmor Solution.
  • A custom App Market that lets you customize your Clover system and find the exact right tools your business needs to thrive and grow.

If you’re interested in an affordable Clover Mini for your business, contact Tunrkey Processing. They offer great prices on hardware, along with full installation and support services. If you want a Clover (and you do), Turnkey is the team you need to get it right. Use the form below to get in touch.

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