Shopping for a Used Clover POS System? 3 Tips for Success

5 Dec 2018


If you’re in the market for a used Clover POS system, then you know that there are many different sellers to choose from. The question is: are any of them reputable? Yes, you can certainly find used systems that are in good working condition, but to do so, you must be able to tell the difference between quality equipment, and something that’s nothing more than a paperweight. Here are 3 actionable tips you can use to help you determine the difference between a good and a bad deal.

1. Watch Out For Locked Systems

Whenever you inspect a used Clover POS system, check to make sure that it’s unlocked. These systems can only be unlocked by the company who sold it to the merchant originally; if the private seller cannot connect you with the original distributor, the equipment is useless. Even if they can connect you with the distributor, make sure that said distributor is willing to unlock it for you before you commit to anything. Be cautious: distributors may only unlock it for you on certain terms.

2. Get A Written Return Policy

Whenever you buy anything used, it’s best to purchase from someone who offers no-hassle returns. Even something as short as 30 days would allow you to test it in your store or business. If you find that it’s locked, or that it has ailments that you didn’t catch during your initial inspection, the return policy will help you get your money back.

3. Buy From Reputable Companies, Not Private Sellers

When shopping for a used Clover POS system, it’s best to steer clear of private sellers from sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon. Ideally, you should approach it as if you were buying an exotic used car without a set of keys. As much as you’d like to put the pedal to the metal on pick-up day, it’s now up to you to find a keysmith who could make you a set. Remember: while such sellers may offer cheap deals below market value, you’re more often than not going to pay the price that comes with low-reputability.

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