Restaurant Management Done Better with Upserve on Clover

12 Dec 2018

woman eating at full service restaurant

The food industry continues to grow at a rapid pace across the globe. Today’s diners are looking for quality experiences, competitive prices, and establishments that make eating out an enjoyable and frictionless experience. For full-service restaurants, that means delivering on all fronts, at all times.

Depending on how many employees, customers and the type of food served, achieving these goals can be difficult when going it alone.

Today, there are tools and technologies available that make successful restaurant management attainable. They are helping keep track of inventory, splitting checks and even scheduling time off.

Here’s a look at how the combination of Clover’s POS system used at full-service restaurants along with the Upserve app packs a real punch.

What is Upserve?

Formerly known as, “Breadcrumb,” Upserve POS is built specifically for restaurants by experts in the industry. It includes more than 100 customizable features that restaurant managers require on a day-to-day basis to keep a full-service restaurant going – from the time they open until the door is closed for the night.

Clover on Upserve offers:

Customized Menu Options

From design to selection options, your restaurant’s menu is key. With Upserve you can design one that meets all your needs and change and revise aspects as you grow or introduce new dishes and seasonal items. It also makes it easy for servers to make modifications to menu items and for customers to read and order.

Increased Diner Satisfaction

Having a positive experience at your restaurant is important to diners. While the food they eat should be outstanding, the service and the options they’re given to ease the ordering and payment process can also go a long way. Consider adding table-side ordering tablets, easier ways to split the check and even notes to customize dishes. All of this is possible with Upserve on Clover.

A More Streamlined Operation

Finally, no restaurant can survive a busy night without a team that’s working together. Gain better control of inventory and help the entire staff to be productive with tools like table and floor plan assigning, training and end of day insights that help you to make informed decisions.

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