POS Solutions: Square vs. Clover

18 Jan 2018


Point of Sale (POS) solutions are growing in importance for both consumers and merchants today as the use of mobile devices and on-the-go payments become the norm. Intelligent, versatile solutions that offer more than just an option for taking cash, make these solutions a popular choice.

For this post, let’s take a closer look at two top options on the market: Clover and Square and how the additional features, design, and customer support match up. If you’re having trouble deciding between the two, this break down may help you narrow down a choice.


What makes Square such a well-known option among small businesses is the fact that their mobile credit card reader can be purchased at most retail locations and used with a mobile device or tablet through a dedicated App. That makes it a very affordable option for small start-ups who just want to get started accepting payments. While there are some higher processing fees, there is no monthly licensing fee so users are only paying for it as they use it. That’s as easy as it gets.

But what happens when you want to do more than process a credit card payment? For merchants who need a little more than somewhere for shoppers to swipe their credit card for a transaction, Clover delivers many sleek, functional alternatives. Clover has a full line of product options that come with things like a built-in printer, Wi-Fi connectivity and so much more.


Additional Features

Both Square and Clover do come with accessory options to help merchants expand as they grow. But when it comes to processing credit card payments, you need something secure and reliable for your business. Clover’s products are backed by First Data, a trusted merchant processor. That means business users can feel more secure about data processing and that they are meeting all PCI standards. Clover also offers customizations through its 3rd party app market so you can grow the system along with your business needs.

Customer Support

Something important to consider as you shop around is the level of customer support you’ll get when using either product. While this will vary across the board, having a dedicated support staff you can call 24×7 should questions arise, makes Clover a great option for users looking to have that level of availability.

While Square does list a phone number for customer support online, Clover has a convenient button on the home screen to notify the help desk to call you instantly, 24×7 – when you need the help.

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