Pay at the Table Solutions for MICROS POS Systems

22 Jun 2016

Pay the the Table Solutions
Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a restaurant manager, server, or even a regular patron of sit-down restaurants, this scenario is no doubt familiar: The table’s meal is completed, and the dishes have been cleared away. The server brings the check in a billfold, and leaves to tend to other customers. The table leaves a credit or debit card in the billfold, and waits for the server to return. The server returns, retrieves the card, leaves to process the payment at the central point of sale system, and returns to the table with the customer’s card and a receipt.

If the standard procedure sounds needlessly complicated when it’s written out like that, that’s because it is. The process can take anywhere from two minutes to twenty depending on an infinite number of variables, often leading to slowed turnover, lower profits for the restaurant, and fewer tips for the staff.

Thankfully, there’s a better way.

Pay at the Table and the Benefits of Tableside Payment

Using modern, mobile POS technology, servers can now bring a hand-held credit card terminal right to a table for payment, completing the transaction in little more than the time it would normally take just to drop off the check. This has numerous benefits for the restaurant and customers alike.

Increased Turnover & Revenues

When customers complete the payment process more quickly, it gets them out the door sooner. This obviously frees up the table for a new set of customers. Across a whole restaurant and over the course of a shift, the time saved can add up to a good number of additional tables. This means more money in everyone’s pocket (except for the customers).

Better Customer Service and Better Tips

When a server has to spend less time running around between tables at POS systems to process payments, it frees up more time to actually serve customers. Tableside payment leads to better service and increased customer satisfaction, leading to better tips for servers. (Not to mention, a customer is less likely to stiff a server on the tip when they’re standing right in front of them.)

Improved Security

With pay at the table solutions, a customer’s card is never out of their hand, let alone out of their sight. This reduces the odds of identity theft, lost or stolen cards, and other security hazards which not only lead to a very unhappy customer, but could also mean big liability problems for your restaurant.

A close-up photo of a man using a Clover Mobile POS system for manage his equipment dealership business.

The Clover™ Mobile

Pay at the Table Solutions for MICROS POS Systems

But for all the benefits of tableside payments, MICROS, one of the most prominent point of sale companies in the restaurant industry, has yet to offer a pay at the table solution. That’s where Clover™ and Turnkey come into the picture.

In terms of hardware, the Clover™ Mobile point of sale terminal makes for a perfect tableside payment solution, allowing servers to bring a lightweight, handheld POS terminal directly to the customer’s table. The Clover™ Mobile is also capable of accepting credit cards, PIN debit cards, EMV chip cards, and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. With the DataPoint software application from SoftPoint, a Clover™ Mobile can be integrated seamlessly into your MICROS, Aloha, POSitouch, Dinerware, Infogenesis, or SoftPoint POS systems.

If you’re interested in learning more about integrating the Clover™ Mobile with your existing MICROS or other restaurant point of sale systems, get in touch with Turnkey Processing today. A licensed Clover™ retailer, Turnkey specializes in going above and beyond the competition. If you want a merchant services company who will treat you like a partner, Turnkey is the team for you. Get in touch to learn more by filling out the form below.

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