Pay-at-the-Table Makes Dining Out Enjoyable Again

20 Dec 2017

In today’s fast-paced and technologically-savvy world, there is a lot of importance given to convenience and anything we can do faster and better. That can be related to how we work, how we pay bills and even how we eat.

While not everyone is a fan of drive-thru menu options and eating in their car, one thing that makes that industry so popular is how quickly people can order, pay, get their food, and then move on with their day. It’s also one of the things that you’ll typically hear someone complaining about when they do choose to dine at a restaurant. Long service waits and wasted time just no longer make eating out desirable.

Pay-At-The Table Options

waitress-resturantRestaurant owners who understand this need are already adopting solutions to speed up processes and make the dining experience synonymous with what consumers are demanding.

Pay-at-the-table options are becoming something diner’s favor at busy restaurants and even fine dining locations. It’s faster and easier to pay for meals versus waiting for a server to run back and forth to bring menu’s or run payment cards and it also let’s diners feel more in control of their menu selections while reducing possible order errors and boosting overall customer experiences.

For restaurant owners, pay-at-the-table is also a terrific option for streamlining operations and increasing how quickly tables can be turned over to seat more guests. That means more revenues, more tips and a wait staff that’s also happier with their jobs.

Clover POS for Restaurants

In addition to a powerful point of sale system for any restaurant, Clover POS also offers the Clover Mobile and Clover Flex for secure, reliable and stylish pay-at-the-table options. These offerings are easy to use, portable and ergonomic. They also come with Wi-Fi and a receipt printer so table transactions are convenient for all parties.

turnkey clover mobile

Turnkey Processing is an authorized, independent Clover retailer offering quality customer service and payment technology at a better price with no contracts.  If you’re interested in learning how Turnkey can bring Clover technology to your restaurant contact us today.

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