Everything You Need to Know About POS Systems for Liquor Stores and Wine Shops

3 Mar 2016

Liquor store shelfWhether you’re an old hat owner/operator, brand new manager, or anything in between, one thing is for sure about running a liquor store: there are worse things to be doing. Liquor stores tend to have higher success rates than average businesses and offer steady traffic, high sales volumes, and resistance to economic downturn not seen with many other businesses.

But, no one said running a liquor store was easy.

Licensing, inventory, dealing with distributors, loss prevention, managing employees, and more all make owning or operating a liquor store a challenge. Of course, having the right tools at your disposal can make the job a lot easier. One such tool is a decent liquor store point of sale system, like one from Clover™.  

The Benefits of Clover™ POS Systems for Liquor Stores

So much more than just a cash register, Clover™ POS systems are considered the first “Smart POS.” In addition to boasting sleek, modern hardware, Clover™ offers custom reporting tools, a dedicated App Marketplace, cutting edge security in line with PCI-DSS Compliance Standards, and the ability to accept a wide variety of payment methods. Cash, credit, debit, EMV, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet – you’ll be able to take it all.

Did we mention the dedicated App Market? The Clover™ App Market has a ton of apps designed special for the Clover™. Here are some of our favorites.

Best Clover™ Liquor Store POS Software AppsClover POS System Terminal

Age Verification by Appheaven, LLC – One special consideration for liquor store owners is that their stock is illegal to sell to anyone under 21 years old. The Age Verification app lets you create custom product categories and generates prompts for cashiers to check ID. The app can also support 2D scanning of drivers’ licenses using a Motorola DS9208 scanner (sold separately).

Commerce Sync by IP Commerce, Inc. – Commerce Sync automatically transfers sales information into your QuickBooks for Xero. Sort sales by category, payment methods, discounts, and more. This not only allows you to save time on arduous manual data entry (300 hours each year on average), but ensures accurate sales record keeping in compliance with many states’ regulations regarding alcohol sales.

Time Clock by Homebase – Time Clock helps you manage employees by providing communications tools, managing shift trades, timesheet tools, clock in/clock out tools, and more. Other tools include labor law compliance, team communication, and labor cost reporting. Just find the right people for your team, and Time Clock practically takes care of the rest. Upgrade from the free version for additional features.

stockIt by Revco Holdings LLC – Dealing with distributors can be a pain, especially since many liquor stores turn their inventory between 8 and 10 times per year. stockIt helps you manage inventory, send orders directly to vendors or distributors via fax or email, and get up-to-date sales analytics.

Automatic Marketing with UMarket by BuyFi – One of several marketing apps available in the Clover™ App Market, Automatic Marketing automatically sends SMS texts, emails, or social media messages to existing customers with special deals, offers, or promotions. You’re not likely to be the only liquor store in town, so tools like these are awesome for generating repeat customers and brand loyalty.

If you’re interested in learning more about Clover™ POS systems for your liquor store, bottle shop, wine shop, or any other retail business, get in touch with Turnkey Processing by filling out the form below. Cheers!

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