Lavu Delivers Better Restaurant POS versus Micros

26 Jan 2018

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Owning a restaurant comes with a host of responsibilities. From staffing, to customer care, inventory management, and profit margins – there’s no shortage of tasks you’ll need to conquer if success is your goal.

Having tools that empower you to complete these tasks and do them well is critical. Point of Sale (POS) systems have become sophisticated and so easy to use that they are helping full service restaurant and bar owners modernize their establishments while improving every aspect of their business.

What is Lavu?

Lavu is an intelligent, mobile POS system that runs on Apple’s iPad devices and is used by thousands of restaurant and bar owners across 80 countries. With Lavu, business owners can be completely focused on their core needs without fussing or worrying over their payment processing system’s functionality throughout the busy night. What’s more, there are additional tools to support the entire scope of a business owners needs so they can see where improvements are needed and keep track of their employee’s hours, all in one convenient system.

How Lavu is Different than Micros

Micros retail systems are legacy point of sale systems for restaurants. While there are options for upgrading, Lavu has been at the forefront of technology advancements in food service. It’s also 80 percent more cost efficient and comes with a host of perks. Like the ability to split table tabs by thirds and assists with lots of other intricate details.

Here are some of the other major benefits of Lavu over Micros for restaurants and bars:

Data & Reporting

With the right tools to collect data and report information, you can fix operational headaches and maintain high levels of customer service – and isn’t that what really counts? Everyone knows that to get customer’s back in the doors you need to offer quality meals and unrivaled customer care. Lavu empowers you to do just that. Assess your operations and make any necessary changes while giving your customers shorter wait times and accurate orders.

Cloud-based Access

Lavu is cloud-based. Not only does that lower costs and maintenance fees, but it also makes it easier to access your businesses information – everything from reports to inventory and sales reports, from anywhere.

Micros is server-based. The only way to see any of this important reporting for your business is to actually be at the restaurant and using the dedicated system. Not to mention the fact that you’ll need a dedicated modem – which takes up more space and can be cumbersome to monitor and maintain.

Additional Features

Another great advantage of the Lavu POS system versus Micros is that it is operated by shortcut buttons and gestures. With the simple swipe of hands and gestures it knows what function to perform. With Micros you’re left to punch through screens and menu options – slowing down your ability to meet customer needs.

Lavu also has loyalty and reward program possibilities offered through their POS system. Research shows that today’s customers are demanding better connections to the businesses they use. That includes being gifted and rewarded for their patronage. Lavu’s database can keep track of customers’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

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