Clover™ Is a Hole-in-One for Golf Course Point of Sale

16 Jun 2017

Whether you need a new point of sale system for a golf course, pro shop, mini golf course, driving range, or anything in between, there’s no better choice for golf POS than Clover™.

Clover™ point of sale systems are powerful, versatile systems that can help with everything from sales and reporting to employee management and marketing.

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What Clover™ Can Do for Your Golf Business

Some point of sale systems are nothing more than glorified cash registers. With Clover™ nothing could be further from the truth.

Built on Android software, Clover™ is known as the first smart POS—and for good reason. Designed with the easy interface and custom options of a smartphone, Clover™ does more than just let you accept payments. The Clover™ App Market offers scores (no pun intended) of third party software applications to provide a variety of functions.

  • Manage Employees: Numerous Clover™ apps exist to replace your timeclock, facilitate employee communications, handle schedules, and more.
  • Automate Marketing: Need a hand making a name for yourself? Marketing is Clover’s™ middle name. Handle social media, email, SMS, and other marketing channels right from your POS terminal.
  • Streamline Accounting: Wish your sales integrated automatically with your accounting software, saving you hours of tedious data entry and ledger work? With the Clover™ App Market this is possible.
  • Manage Inventory: Keep track of inventory and place purchase orders with your preferred vendors right from your Clover™ POS.
  • Order and Pay at the Table: Does your club serve food or beverages? Let customers order right from their table, cutting down on wait times and making your wait staff’s day a little easier.
  • And More: Clover terminals also offer state-of-the-art security, EMV payment, Apple Pay, and more.

Integrate with Quick18

Are you already using Quick18 golf industry software? Terrific! Thanks to the Quick18 Teesheet app, you can tender check-ins from Quick18 directly into your into your Clover™ POS.

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