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10 Oct 2018

talking with customers

Relationships are an important element for any successful business. Whether it’s great communications with clients and partners or an experience that’s exceptional for your customers, the relationships you keep are key to getting consumers comfortable with spending. And that’s critical in today’s competitive market. Bottom line.

It’s not enough to have a unique product and a convenient location anymore. Today’s consumers want more from the businesses they choose to shop. They want to feel connected to the brand and they want their desires to be met.

To achieve all new levels of satisfaction, a business must go where their customers are.

Do the research, get connected and engage with your power buyers. Find out where they go and their future plans, and meet them there. Whether that means attending a large tradeshow related to the market you serve or just walking through store aisles with consumers as they browse and answering their questions along the way, getting on ground level is an important step.

Luckily, there are tools available today to ease this process. Having a powerful POS system, for starters, offers flexibility and it makes the crucial step of collecting payments a frictionless process for all.

Clover and its powerful POS system deliver on all fronts.

From reliable, secure and modern payment capabilities to all of the tools needed to run a business – Clover has it all.

Once a business is out in field and meeting customers where they are, they need a POS system they can also take along. Clover Go is a pocket-sized mobile payments solution that can go anywhere and accept payments of all kinds – from swipe, chip and contactless mobile payments.

clover go

Since customers are already using their phones while they’re shopping, having contactless options is key. Skip the traditional long lines and get customer’s checked out as you’re standing there. T

alk about personalized service.

Imagine having your POS system in your hand while a question comes up and being able to quickly check on inventory. The possibilities are endless.

Simply pair Clover Go with a mobile device through a Bluetooth connection and start taking payments and sending paperless receipts. With built-in Clover Security, you protect customers, your business and your reputation – wherever you go.

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