Clover™ POS & Fuel for Clover Offer a New Solution for Pay at the Pump

22 Apr 2016

Gas station fuel pumps at night.

The retail fueling business is like any other industry, in that it’s so much different from every other industry! Odd hours, fluctuating gas prices, low margins, high demand with even higher competition (how many other gas stations are within a mile, or even a half mile of yours?), and clunky, outdated pay-at-the-pump POS systems for your customers all make running a gas station unlike any other business challenge out there.

There’s not a lot we can do about the odd hours or stiff competition, but when it comes to making sure you have the right technology for your gas station and its customers, Turnkey Processing has just what you need to bring your gas station into the 21st century.

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Clover™ POS Systems for Gas Stations

Clover™ point of sale systems have been called the first ever “smart POS,” and with good reason. More versatile thanks to state-of-the-art Android software than clunky old point of sale systems and credit card terminals, and more reliable with robust than a smartphone app, Clover™ POS offers the best of every world for any business.

Sleek, modern hardware makes it a beautiful in-store option from an aesthetic standpoint, while sales analytics software, PCI-DSS Compliance, and payment processing support for cash, credit, EMV chip cards, as well as mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet make Clover™ guarantees unsurpassed function alongside form.

For a pay-at-the-pump solution, Clover™ offers the Fuel for Clover app, a cloud-based, touch screen gas station POS solution that has the potential to completely revolutionize the way you run your business.A closeup of a man's hand has he pumps gas.

Features of Clover™ systems with the Fuel app include comprehensive point of sale, tank monitoring systems, electronic price sign controls, unattended fueling, loyalty programs, and numerous back office features.

Benefits of Clover™ POS with Fuel for Clover vs. the Competition

Two of the biggest names in gas station point of sale systems are currently Gilbarco’s Passport POS and the Ruby POS systems. Luckily for anyone in the retail fueling business, Clover™ systems with Fuel for Clover offer numerous benefits over these systems:

  • Clover™ is cloud-based, which offers greater security over the competition’s server-based systems.
  • Competitors have few, outdated options; Clover™ offers the state-of-the-art Station or Mini systems.
  • Competitors charge an arm and a leg for expensive software upgrades; Clover™ and Fuel for Clover comes at a single flat rate, with free upgrades for life.
  • Pump conversions with Clover™ are about half of what the competition requires.

Learn More about Clover™ Gas Station POS Systems with Turnkey

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