The Future of Payments: Clover Merchant Services

23 Mar 2018

Processing credit cards is a pretty standard function for most businesses today. Not only are people carrying around less cash, but the convenience of using a payment card also relieves the burden of limiting spending based on what’s in a person’s wallet at the time. That’s a win-win for both business and consumer.

Not all businesses are using payment processing services yet believe it or not.

Whether you’re a start-up, small business or just getting your feet wet with accepting payments, it’s important to understand that in the future, payments will expand well beyond cash interactions and you’ll need a solution that’s reliable and easy to use.

What Are Merchant Services

Merchant services describe the process involved in authorizing transactions on behalf of customers and crediting businesses for those payments. Handling these services has become a more involved process as new ways for customers to pay are being introduced. EMV chips, NFC-enabled payments and other forms of credit are creating a need to ensure safe and secure processing of payments for products and services sold to consumers. Partnering with a provider who you can trust is critical.

The Clover Difference

With Clover, businesses are empowered to focus on their core objectives while the POS system takes care of all payment functions. Depending on your specific needs, a device like Clover Mini or Clover Mobile can be taken with you on the go (think markets or festival) and you can accept card swipes, EMV chips and mobile payments right out of the box. Or, if you need a powerful countertop system with all the bells and whistles, Clover Station has you covered.  Combine this with monthly software options and a powerful app store chockfull of tools and solutions to make your business successful, and Clover quickly become a necessity for businesses.

Choose Turnkey

As a merchant services provider, Turnkey understands that even neighborhood businesses need to be able to handle credit card payments with ease. We provide “first class for less.” Our dedication to providing what we call, “Remarkablism™” includes the most exceptional experience possible as well as services like onsite installations for local clients, virtual training for remote clients and 24/7 tech support. Turnkey also offers PCI Compliance, chargeback protection, legal support and we even help you to return your old equipment so you won’t be charged and can instead focus on running your business.

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