Clover™ POS Systems Can Make Your Florist Business Bloom

16 Jul 2016

Point of Sale Systems for Florists

It’s not easy being a florist these days, especially one with a brick-and-mortar storefront. With the market changing and consumers moving more and more toward online flower shops and local supermarkets to get their flowers, the local florist has had to be nimble in the last few years.

Part of staying competitive as a florist in the 21st Century is expanding your business equipment beyond just secateurs and vases. Case in point: a good point of sale system can be an invaluable tool for any florist, especially one from Clover™.

Interested in learning more about how Clover™ POS systems can help your flower shop to bloom? Read on.

Why Florists Should Use Clover™ POS Systems in their Shops

Clover™ is to POS what the iPhone is to landlines. Offering sleek, modern hardware with robust Android-based software, Clover™ stations provide merchants with versatile payment options like PIN debit, credit cards, EMV chip cards, and mobile payment options like Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

Additionally, Clover™ stations provide built-in analytics tools, security that’s unsurpassed in the industry, and a dedicated app market with hundreds of free and premium apps designed to let you make the most of your station and thrive in the modern marketplace.

Clover POS SystemUseful Clover™ Apps for Florists

Speaking of the app market, here are some of the tools, available only on Clover™ that you can use to streamline your business, bring in more customers, and more.

Phone Sale – Taking orders over the phone is a huge boon to any florist. The Phone Sale app lets you easily and securely accept credit card payments over the phone, great for helping customers who are ordering last-minute.

stockIt – The stockIt app provides easy inventory management, sales analytics, and best of all lets you automate the ordering process. Simply create an order guide with item and vendor information, and anytime you punch in a new order stockIt will send an email or fax to the vendor. Talk about a time saver!

Perka Rewards – Perka Rewards creates fun, customizable customer loyalty programs that you can use to bring in repeat business and maintain an active relationship with your best customers – one of the best benefits a local florist can offer.

Digital Word of Mouth – Digital Word of Mouth is a complete marketing automation system that automates social media posting, email marketing, SMS text advertising, and more. This can be great for florists who need to get the word out ahead of big days like Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, graduations, and others.

Clover™ Lets Florists Sell Online

Remember when we said online flower shops were offering stiff competition to storefronts? With Clover™ Online Store, you can throw your own hat into the e-commerce ring. Clover™ Online Store gives you easy tools to set up an online e-commerce store from scratch, with tools like SEO, automatic updates, and more. Your online storefront will also seamlessly integrate with your Clover™ terminal, to make managing both sides of the business a breeze.

Get Your Clover™ Terminal from Turnkey

If you’re a florist or other business owner interested in learning more about Clover™ point of sale systems for your shop, get in touch with Turnkey Processing today! An authorized Clover™ retailer, Turnkey specializes in educating their customers, making sure that they can make the most of their new system.

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