EMV for Restaurants: How to Accept Chip Cards in the Service Industry

9 Jul 2016

EMV Payment Solutions for Restaurants

No matter what industry you’re in, October of 2015 marked a huge shift in how your business is conducted. That’s because after October 1, 2015 U.S. merchants who haven’t upgraded their credit card payment terminals to accept EMV chip cards accept liability for fraudulent charges made in their establishment, rather than the burden being placed on card companies themselves. This can be a huge risk for businesses of any size, but especially for smaller and local merchants.

Most of the discussion around the transition from old magnetic strip cards to new EMV chip cards has been focused on retail, but it’s no less significant for the service industry. Businesses like sit-down restaurants, fast-casual restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and more are all faced with having to upgrade to EMV-ready terminals. They face an addition complication, though, because EMV payments can make processing tips more difficult. Luckily, solutions exist.

The Problem with EMV Payments and Tipping

With traditional magnetic stripe cards the total cost of the bill was run on the card, at which point a receipt was returned to the customer, who then added a tip and signed with the new total. The restaurant would later adjust the transaction to reflect the new total with tip included. However, with some EMV cards this final step, known as “dipping,” is not an option. With some newer EMV terminals, dipping is allowed, so it’s important for restaurants to have the most up-to-date equipment available. More on that later!

Other Options for Tipping during EMV Payments

Alternately, tipping can be handled upfront during the checkout process. Basically, a prompt during checkout asks the cardholder if they’d like to add a tip before final authorization. This way, no adjustment needs to be made. This can be done either at the counter, or by using a tableside payment terminal like the Clover™ Mobile.

A close-up photo of a man using a Clover Mobile POS system for manage his equipment dealership business.

Clover™ Mobile POS is a great choice for pay-at-the-table.

Clover™ Offers Best EMV Payment Terminals for Restaurants the Service Industry

If you’re in the restaurant or service industry and looking to upgrade to an EMV payment terminal, your hands-down best option is a point-of-sale system from Clover™. Clover™ POS systems support nearly any kind of transaction, from EMV and PIN debit to mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Clover™ terminals also allow merchants to accept tips during the checkout process, or by later adjusting the total using the traditional method. And like we already mentioned, tableside payments are easy with the Clover™ Mobile.

In addition to full EMV functionality, flexible transactions, and easy tipping, Clover™ POS systems also offer real-time inventory tracking, detailed reporting, simple touchscreen functionality, PCI compliance for peace of mind, and a fully dedicated App Market with tools for scheduling, marketing, customer incentives, and more.

Learn More about Clover™ POS with Turnkey Processing

If you’re interested in a Clover™ POS system for your restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or more, get in touch with the team at Turnkey Processing. A fully authorized clover merchant, Turnkey takes pride in doing more than just selling hardware – they work with businesses to make the most out of their Clover™. To learn more get in touch by using the form below.

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