Want to Accept EMV Card Payments with Your MICROS POS System? Clover™ Can Help.

15 Jun 2016

EMV Payment Solutions for MICROS
According to the National Restaurant Association
, there are numerous benefits to making the transition from traditional credit cards to modern EMV chip cards, such as fewer disputes for fraud and increased consumer confidence. While there’s no current legal mandate for merchants to implement EMV payment systems, these benefits along with the threat of liability in the case of fraud (liability shifted from card issuers to merchants using out-of-date tech last October) might be enough to make savvy restauranteurs and other business owners to want to make the investment.

Unfortunately, a significant number of restaurants, retailers, and other business owners in the United States use point of sale systems from MICROS  – which does not currently provide EMV payment solutions. With MICROS alone, these businesses are stuck unable to accept EMV card payments, putting them at risk of fraud liability and of looking behind the times or even negligent when compared to their competition. What’s a business to do?

Integrate with the Clover™ Mini or Clover™ Mobile.

MICROS Integration with Clover™ POS Systems for EMV Payments

Clover™ point of sale systems are sleek, modern devices that boast a number of benefits, not the least of which is the ability to accept a broad variety of payment methods that competitors like MICROS and Aloha can’t, including EMV chip cards.

Clover Mobile POS System

Clover™ Mobile

With the DataPoint Clover™ application from SoftPoint, merchants who use EMV non-compliant systems like MICROS can purchase handheld Clover™ Mini or Clover™ Mobile POS terminals and have them directly integrated with their existing POS system.

If you have a MICROS point of sale system for your restaurant, retail, or other business, and want to start accepting EMV card payments, using the DataPoint app to integrate with a Clover™ terminal is a great solution. Clover™ can also accept PIN debit, credit, and mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Other Benefits of MICROS and Clover™ Integration

In addition to EMV card payments, Clover™ and the DataPoint app can also be used to provide pay-at-the-table solutions to restaurants using MICROS point of sale systems. This will improve service, reduce wait times, and encourage upselling by wait staff.

One or more Clover™ Mini or Mobile terminals will also give you access to the rest of Clover™ growing App Market, which includes tools for marketing, customer rewards, and more.

Get More Information about Clover™ from Turnkey Processing

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