Empower Employees with Mobile POS Devices this Holiday

5 Nov 2018

As a retailer, you’re probably already gearing up for the busy holiday season ahead. From adding additional staffing to extending your hours and even introducing new sales promotions – there are so many ways you can capitalize on this profitable time of year.

Finding ways to please consumers is the best tactic. If you want to win over the competition, offer shoppers the ease and convenience they desire as shopping madness is happening all around them.

holiday shopping

One thing people hate about the holidays is standing in long lines at stores while everyone tries running around last minute looking for the perfect gifts.

You can diminish this hurdle for shoppers by equipping staff with mobile POS devices. That means customers can decide, discuss and purchase their item without ever having to go wait in line.

Here are more advantages to consider when adding a mobile POS device to your holiday plans this year.

Convenience When Paying

Having a modern POS system means being able to accept more than just cash or credit. Many shoppers today have become comfortable with using their mobile devices even as a form of payment. Payments using a QR code, NFC mobile payment or secure EMV chip reader are just some of the options. Then there’s also the fact that shoppers who are already crunched on time can easily make their way in and out of a store without having to sit in a long line waiting to pay. Armed with mobile POS devices in hand store associates can cover more of the sales floor and quickly process transactions.  This convenience alone can help increase sales and foot traffic into your store from shoppers just looking to get things checked off their lists.

Go Where Shoppers Are

In addition to accepting payments from somewhere other than the traditional payment counter at your store, a mobile POS device also means you can take your business on the road with you. With holiday fairs, farmer’s markets and other pop-up shopping events going on at this time of year, there’s an added opportunity to capture sales by taking your POS system with you on the go.

Enhanced Customer Service

Since focusing on the customer is key to winning more sales, a mobile POS device with CRM capabilities can help make this a reality because it goes a step further. Access to important information about shoppers, while they’re in the store, is of extreme value. Learn about their past purchases as well as insights into personalized and targeted offerings that could help generate more sales. With the information right in the palm of their hands while out on the sales floor and when they’re already talking and in the midst of making a sale, you can imagine the upsell and sales potential possible.

Armed with mobile POS devices, this holiday is sure to be a good one. Need help getting started or have questions about adding a mobile POS device to your set-up? Get in touch today!

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