Drive-Thrus Get a Makeover + POS System Upgrades

19 Jul 2018


The casual food industry has evolved over the years as the need for convenient food options in a fast-paced world increases. From small, quick service counters, to traditional drive-thrus, the attraction has always been to make ordering and getting food to eat as quick and easy as possible.

Today, thanks to innovations in payment technologies and shifts in consumer dining habits, the industry is seeing some new changes happen.  Technologies that speed up ordering and payment processes as well as management tools that help deliver better services, are all part of the upgrades.

Here are three of the biggest changes happening with drive-thrus today and how upgrading your POS system can help you remain competitive.

Drive-Thrus answer to need for extreme convenience.

Everyone today is on the go. Whether you’re a road warrior combatting a long commute or a busy parent taking kids to and from activities, there’s no denying that we’ve become a culture with much less time to spend in front of a stove and around a dinner table every night. Instead, grabbing the quickest and easiest option along your route has won the completion.

Healthy choices regain consumer confidence.

The great thing about drive-thru options today is that most states require caloric data to be printed on the menu. There is also quick access to nutritional information via a mobile browser. The ability to make healthier and informed decisions about the food they are picking up while on the go is helping consumers to regain confidence in the “fast food” option.

Mobile options keep customers coming back.

The great thing about technology advancements is that they take something good, and make it better. The same is true with food service today. Thanks to mobile ordering, mobile payments and NFC, virtual drive-thrus are making their way on the scene and are delivering the fastest service possible at forward-thinking establishments. Consumers can browse menus via an app or mobile site, make their selection and even pay for it before even arriving at the location to pick it up.

To support all of these changes, restaurants require a POS system that is modern, secure and packed with options that support growth.

At Turnkey we know payment processing inside and out.

Looking to upgrade the POS System at your quick order establishment to enhance the drive-thru offering? Let Turnkey help you with the POS system most beneficial to your needs.  Contact us using the form below and our Solution Advisors will be in touch soon to discuss.

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