Do I have to change my MICROS to Shift4?

25 Oct 2019
Michael Pucci

Do I have to change my MICROS to Shift4?

If you are wondering whether you have to change your MICROS to Shift4, the short answer is NO. There are many gateway options available, but you need to act before 12/31/19. If you do not act before 12/31/2019  you will not be able to process transactions.

If you have been receiving emails from Shift4 asking you to call them, chances are you had a gateway called “Merchant Link”. Merchant Link was probably the services you used to process your credit card transactions through your MICROSUpdate Graphic POS.  Merchant Link was recently purchased by Shift4. As part of a marketing strategy, Shift4 decided to close the Merchant Link gateway and aggressively market the Shift4 gateway and processing services to existing Merchant Link customers. What this means to you is that if you do not find a new gateway by 12/31/19, you will not be able to process credit cards.

Clearing the Confusion on MICROS to Shift4

This situation has caused a lot of confusion for business owners. In over-simplified terms, Merchant Link was a company that offered a gateway. That gateway allowed you to ‘plug’ any processing company of your choice into your MICROS POS.  This allowed business owners to work with the processing company of their choice to get the best rates and other benefits available to them.  Shift 4 is a gateway company who is also a processing company and is trying to win both the gateway business and the processing business from you by forcing you to switch your processing services to them.

A parallel for this would be if you were a restaurant who purchased Coke products from your beverage distributor.Imagine the distribution company was purchased by Pepsi, and told everyone that they would need to switch to Pepsi products by 2020. Just because your former distribution company is owned by Pepsi, doesn’t mean you need to stop selling Coke products. You can continue to purchase Coke products from a different distribution company (different gateway) and not have the core service you were accustomed to change.

If you would like help finding a new gateway that can work with any processor, please give us a call.  The gateways we work with at Turnkey allow you to accept EMV cards and mobile payments. We allow for you to process with any credit card processor so you are never ‘locked in.’  Feel free to reach out to us here at Turnkey or click “Contact” to fill out the form below, and we’d be happy to help provide you with options.