Give Your Coffee Shop or Cafe a Pick-Me-Up with a Clover™ POS System

15 Apr 2016

The inside of a busy coffee shop.

Coffee shops can be strange places. Most customers either want to get in and out as quickly as possible with their cup of liquid energy, or to hunker down with their cup of joe and stay until closing with a book or laptop. Combine that with the diverse menu offerings any café needs to offer in order to stay competitive, and you’ve got a business model that demands a huge degree of versatility. (Luckily, there’s always plenty of coffee around!)

That means a coffee shop’s point of sale system needs to be versatile enough to keep up. Old fashioned cash registers aren’t up to the task any more, and despite what you may have heard a simple iPad app probably won’t cut it either. So what’s a coffee shop manager to do? Let us introduce you to Clover™.

What is Clover™?

Clover POS SystemClover™ systems are a game-changing new approach to point of sale technology. More than just touchpad with a cash drawer attached, Clover™ POS systems are sleek and versatile with a decidedly modern approach to both form and function.

Taking its design cues from companies like Apple and Tesla, and boasting a dedicated App Market that can help you customize your system to meet your business’s specific needs, Clover™ can do it all. What’s more, with Clover™ Mobile, you can take your POS system on-the-go for food trucks, events, and more, or even offer your customers table service complete with payment.

It’s all fully integrated and cloud-based, so you can access your data anywhere with an internet connection and rest with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your information is secure.

The Benefits of Clover™ for Coffee Shops and Cafes

Versatility – With standard Clover™ systems along with the Clover™ Mini and Clover™ Mobile, your system can be tailored exactly to meet your needs. Clover™ can also accept a wide variety of payment methods, including credit, PIN debit, EMV chip cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and more.

A cup of coffee with a smiley face drawn in the foam.Ease of Use – Simple touch screen functionality and robust software keeps lines moving (a must during morning coffee rushes) and makes new employees experts in no time flat. Easily enter, customize, and change orders. You can even upsell or cross-sell to increase revenue using easy app interface, and more.

Sales Analytics – Clover™ boasts built-in sales analytics software so you can keep track of customer information, sales trends, payment methods, and more to identify your strengths, address your weaknesses, and become a better business.

Customer Rewards – Apps like Perka Rewards let you create custom “punch card” loyalty programs to increase business and retain regular customers. Learn more about your customers as they come to know your business – all from your POS system.

Marketing Automation – The Clover™ App Market offers numerous options for marketing savvy business-owners, and with the kinds of competition most coffee shops face marketing savviness is a must. Social Media Marketing with BeSocial automates your social media posts to grow your follower base and keep your fans updated on news, messages, and special promotions. Digital Word of Mouth offers customer rewards, loyalty programs, social media, SMS text, and email marketing solutions, and more. The possibilities are near-endless.

Get Your Clover™ POS from Turnkey Processing

Like all great tools, Clover™ systems work best when you know how to use them. What sets Turnkey apart from other Clover™ vendors is that rather than simply shipping you a unit and expecting you to take things from there, they work with you on installation, set-up, and support so that you can make the most of your POS and get your business booming.

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