Clover Station 2018 Boasts Bigger Screen, Enhanced Features

29 May 2018

We’ve been touting the benefits of Clover and its line of payment solutions for some time. Businesses are becoming empowered to transform how they run and bringing customers the options they demand. Leading the charge in the set of offerings is Clover Station, the company’s “all-in-one” solution that makes countertop POS systems of the past hard to even look at.

From its slim, sleek appearance to its modern and leading edge technological capabilities, the POS system has quickly become a merchant favorite.

Understanding the need to continue innovating, the company has now released an upgraded 2018 Clover Station that take things a step further. Making the payment system, faster, sleeker, smarter and bigger than before.

Here’s a look at some of the key features of Clover Station 2018.

Robust, Sleek & Powerful

A core focus of Clover is to provide easy to use payment options for businesses and their customers. From accepting more payment formats to speeding up checkout lines, there are a number of ways Clover can help businesses boost their bottom line.

Clover Station 2018

For their latest update, Clover’s added even more payment possibilities. From EMV chips, credit and debit cards to contactless payment options – users get everything preinstalled and ready to go as soon as they take it out of the box. There is also built-in fraud protection with Clover Security and a fingerprint reader so employees can login easily and safely. Merchants also have the option to set-up rewards programs that build customer loyalty and promote repeat business.

The new countertop POS system also has a bigger screen. The 14-inch, HD display and swivel feature makes it easy to manipulate the screen so it can face customers for e-signatures and engagement. It’s smooth and simple and creates the least counter clutter possible. An 8-core, state-of-the-art Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 4GB memory also means faster service and more satisfied customers.

Better Business Functionality

It’s about more than just accepting payments. That’s what makes Clover standout. Empowering businesses to utilize important data about their business to grow and improve is a critical benefit of Clover’s capabilities. Sales tracking, inventory management, improved scheduling and forecasting are all part of the apps and tools the Clover system offers to business users. The Clover App Market has over 300 apps and is chock full of tools to help you navigate your way to business success.

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