Clover Helping Service Businesses Book More Appointments with Ease

4 Oct 2018

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We talk a lot here about the importance of offering varied payment options to ensure your business is capitalizing on success.

While it’s true that today’s consumers are demanding fast, flexible checkout experiences to pay for goods and services, depending on the type of business you own, you may have other needs that are of equal importance.

Appointment Setting

In the service industry, for example, booking and scheduling appointments with customers is a critical part of the job. A busy salon, rental business or other small service shop needs tools to get customers in their doors and coming back.

Ensuring your sales teams are meeting performance goals and making it easier to fill the seats in your shop may be a key focus for you.

With Clover’s full-on POS system, not only can you accept payments like NFC, mobile, and EMV chip-enabled cards from customers, scheduling needs can also easily be met.

Schedule appointments of all kinds right through Clover!

If your business picks up and you find yourself suddenly starting to book up a lot of appointments, that may mean less time for your staff to perform the administrative function of getting those actually booked. These manual and traditional processes can become overwhelming and even end up frustrating customers. Instead, with Clover, you can easily manage and create appointments using dedicated apps from Clover Market so you can focus on the other parts of your business that help excel growth.

Another benefit of using these apps with your Clover POS system is that employees don’t have to remember the different kinds of bookings you offer. They simply select them from a preset menu of options and the appointment is booked properly, in a trackable format for your business management needs.

Book Appointments on the Go, Maximize your Sales

With Clover’s mobile POS offerings, you can take payments and your business with you wherever you are. Accept payments and even fill out appointments on the fly!

When your employees are empowered to help customers because the process is easy, they project their happiness on to clients and boost overall experiences at your shop.

Apps in Clover market such as Booker, Appointments Pro and Salon Scheduler all help businesses to build long-term relationships with clients, send text reminders to customers, keep notes on visits and so much more.

There are so many reasons why choosing Clover and the tools offered makes sense. If you’re ready to get started fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon!

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