Clover Has the Best POS System for Bookstores

6 Jan 2016

A photo of shelves in a bookstore, which would benefit from a Clover POS system.

Do you own a bookstore? Are you planning on opening a new one? In either case, your friends and family probably think you’re out of your mind. After all, online booksellers have left old-fashioned bookstores in the dust, right? Actually, as we’re sure you’re aware, nothing could be further from the truth.

E-book sales have been on the decline in recent months, as retail sales in book stores are on the rise. Even Amazon, the living symbol of the e-commerce revolution, opened a brick-and-mortar bookstore in November of 2015.

But just because new and used bookstores are surging in popularity doesn’t mean store owners and booksellers don’t need to do their homework or have the right tools to do well. If you want to thrive in retail in the 21st Century, whether you’re selling used books, auto parts, or anything in between, you need to have a great point of sale (POS) system. And if you want a great POS system for bookstores, Clover is the best there is.

How Clover POS Systems can Help Your Bookstore

Clover systems are sleek, modern devices that do more than just accept credit cards. Clover can accept a wide range of Clover POS System Terminalpayment methods including cash, credit cards, debit cards, EMV chip cards, Google Pay, Apple Wallet, and more. This means you’ll never have to turn away a willing customer just because you can’t accept their preferred payment method.

In addition, Clover has a dedicated app marketplace that lets you customize your POS system to track sales, help run payroll, automate marketing, and countless other tasks.

Check out some helpful Clover apps for bookstores below. If you like what you see, get in touch with Turnkey Processing to learn more about getting set up with a Clover POS system for your bookstore by calling (800) 722-3390 or using the form at the bottom.

Great Apps for Bookstores in the Clover Marketplace

Digital Word of Mouth is a marketing system that helps local businesses grow by offering customers rewards, incentives, coupons, and more through automated mobile and social media messaging. The app comes with a 30 day free trial and unlike other apps that charge a flat monthly rate, only bills you when actions occur (new custom acquisition, coupon redemption, review posting, et cetera). Digital Word of Mouth is a great way to bring in customers and generate buzz while freeing up the time you need to focus on your business.

Commerce Synch eliminates the need for manual data entry by automatically synching your sales data with your accounting program. Compatible with both QuickBooks and Xero programs, Commerce Synch gets rid of troublesome accounting errors and time-consuming number punching, with options for multiple locations, tax information, discounts, and more. The Sales by Category feature allow you to transfer sales into distinct income accounts based on categories or labels you already have programmed into your Clover – like new and used books. Pricing is a monthly fee based on service tier.

Sell Online does just what it sounds like it would do – helps you to sell online. The app helps you automatically create an online store on your clover station, and integrate it into your existing site or Facebook page. This expands your storefront from your brick-and-mortar location to anywhere in the world with Internet access. Sell Online is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to seamlessly integrate their store with an e-commerce presence. Pricing is monthly based on service tier.

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