Customize Your Clover™ POS with a Custom App from Turnkey

17 Aug 2017

Of all the great features that set First Data’s Clover™ point of sale system apart, there are none more powerful than the Clover™ App Market.

The App Market transforms point of sale systems into comprehensive business management dashboards. Featuring hundreds of software applications from leading third-party developers, Clover™ apps help with everything from sales analytics and tax compliance to online ordering, marketing automation, accounting integration, and more.

But as many Clover™ apps as there already are, every business is different and there isn’t quite something for every possible need—yet.

If you’re a merchant who uses a Clover™ point of sale system and you’ve got an app in mind that you can’t find on the App Market, it can be a frustrating experience.

But don’t worry; now there’s a solution.

Create Custom Clover™ with Turnkey Processing’s Clover™ App Development Team

Turnkey Processing, a national leader in merchant services, payment processing, and an authorized, independent Clover™ dealer, is proud to announce its emergence as a newly registered Clover™ App Developer.

Turnkey’s dedicated development team can help bring your vision to life. Whether it’s an app to integrate with proprietary software, one to meet a particular niche unique to your company, or anything else, if there’s not a Clover™ app for it yet there can be.

Turnkey can also work to assist other developers, or help to get a for-profit app up on the open App Market.

Whatever your Clover™ app development needs are, Turnkey will be able to help.

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