Deposits App for Clover POS

19 Apr 2019

Managing a liquor store can come with the additional responsibility of charging and refunding bottle
deposits to customers. As of 2019, there are ten states that require specific merchants to collect bottle
deposits (CA, CT, HI, ME, MA, MI, NY, OR, and VT). Within these states, liquor stores, convenience stores
and grocery stores must collect bottle deposits and return deposits to customers who bring back old

The Deposits application for Clover POS helps small businesses track, charge for, refund bottle deposits,
and manage reports that make it easy to receive reimbursement from the State. Liquor stores,
convenience stores, and even mini marts using Clover can now download the Deposits app to automate
and streamline the entire process. Employees can easily collect and return deposits for bottles, cans,
and bags without tying up the line for other customers or needing separate registers to handle the

Turnkey’s Deposits app makes it possible to:

  • Create custom deposit amounts and descriptions
  • Quickly and easily tag inventory that requires deposits
  • Automatically and accurately add deposits to orders with one click at check out
  • Return deposits to customers easily
  • Generate reports to track deposit collections and returns

For a refund, the app displays to the employee the dollar amount of a payout. It can create a negative
balance for the cash drawer to allow payouts from the machine if there is no corresponding purchase. It
will also allow for the customer to apply the payout to a new purchase.

The Deposits application is available in the Clover App Market and is compatible with Clover Station
2018, Clover Flex, Clover Mini, and Clover Mobile devices. Click here to learn
more about the application and find out if it is a good fit for your business, contact our office or use the
form below.

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