Best POS System for Guitar Shops

12 Jul 2018

man playing guitar

Few instruments have been more influential in creating the music (classic and modern) so many have come to enjoy than the guitar. From the riffs and chords in rock music to the gentle melody strummed in much of the modern soul music still being made today, there are so many reasons the guitar is important.

Guitar shops offering up these instruments for musicians can support their customers and grow their business with the right point of sale (POS) system in place. Accept credit cards, mobile payments, EMV chips, track sales and trends and offer loyalty rewards to keep guitar players coming back for more.

Manage Inventory

Guitar shops aren’t just in the business of selling the instrument, they also typically perform repairs, rent out guitars and even offer classes. Having a POS system that can manage inventory for you while offering payment support for additional services will keep operations running smoothly and let you focus on what matters most.

Easy to Use System

Clover POS terminals are sleek, modern and offer top-notch user experiences for both customers and cashiers. A patented swivel screen allows for fun customer interaction and USB ports located below the receipt printer allow for connectivity to barcode scanners, extra printers, and more. Headed to an event but need to take payments? Clover Mobile or Clover Mini make the ultimate tool because they run over a wireless connection and can go with you anywhere.

Increase Sales

While a guitar shop might not have long lines and consistent sales like other retail locations, there are still many avenues to peruse to increase sales at these establishments. But you need insights to take action. Browse Clover’s dedicated App Market and you’ll find tools to run your business. Insightics helps you discover things you never knew about your business, your customers, and your competitors. Leveraging data it tracks you can make better decisions to grow your business.  Or use an app such as Perka to get to know your frequent customers. Learn more about their shopping habits and cater promotions to them.

If you’re ready to change the tune of things at your guitar shop, get in touch with Turnkey today and our team of experts will help you set-up a system beneficial to your shop’s unique needs.

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