Best POS System for Food Stores

6 Jul 2018

As the owner of a food store, you likely already understand the many demands required to stay competitive and keep customers coming back. While youare in the business of selling food, there are more factors that come into play than just quality produce. You need a driven team, good marketing and you need technology and equipment that will support sales and growth.

In fact, giving customers what they want is more than just stocking your shelves with fresh, quality ingredients. Customers want a seamless checkout experience today and they want to be able to get through the store, pay and back home in the quickest way possible. To meet on these demands, your food store needs a POS system that’s sleek, modern and easy to use.

Clover delivers on those fronts and more.

Accept an array of payment methods like cash, credit, debit, EMV cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and more and use third-party app tools to manage inventory, handle bookkeeping, marketing, payroll, and discover trends to help improve your operations.

The backbone of your company needs to be strong. Clover is the perfect choice for food stores. It lets you run your business more efficiently and as the first truly “smart” POS with security in line with the latest PCI-DSS Compliance Standards – so you can focus on growing sales and improving customer experiences and not on how you’ll get paid.

With Clover Station, you get a countertop POS system with all the perks, or if you’re a smaller food store, there are options like Clover Mini, Clover Flex, Clover Mobile or Clover Go to choose from. Each offers unique benefits to meet varied business needs. From portable payments to a smaller form factor.

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