Best POS System for Dog Groomers

27 Aug 2018

For most dog owners, their four-legged companion is just as important as other members of the family. As such, they’re treated to meals and ice cream outings with the family, go on vacations and even get salon pampering. The pet industry is a lucrative one for businesses in this market as demands increase for specialized items created for our beloved canine friends.

With grooming services on the rise, professionals offering everything from baths, nail trims, ear cleaning and hair trims have the potential to succeed if they have the right tools to support them.

dog grooming

First, in order to grow, they need payments. Accepting an array of payment forms from customers goes a long way in keeping customers and increasing loyalty. To do so, you need an innovative POS system for your dog grooming business.

Clover Station is the best POS System for busy dog groomers because it’s powerful, sleek and can include a number of apps to help businesses thrive. Here is a closer look at some of the reasons why dog groomers should choose Clover for payment processing.

Gain Tools Needed to Maintain Operations

Get tools to help schedule your employees, track payroll and see data about your earnings. With the time clock app you can create and make your employee’s schedules available online so they have access to them and can request time off without messy paperwork. You also have the ability to track inventory and keep track of your sales with Clover Station. That means more time to focus on pampering pups and less time sorting out paperwork.

Accept Payments from Anywhere

Not all pet owners have the time or ability to take their dog to a grooming location. If you have a mobile pet grooming station and offer your services on the go, Clover is cloud-based so it’sa great option because you can accept customer payments using Clover Go or Clover Flex. These portable handheld devices can be synced with a smartphone or tablet, or with Flex – have a built-in printer and make accepting payments on the go super easy and affordable.

Leverage Powerful Data to Support Future Growth

When you’re running any successful business, it’s not only about getting paid. Important data to help grow the business is also key. With Clover Station, you’re able to track customer purchase history, add loyalty programs and even leverage analytics to help you understand what the next best move is. Running promotions? See which is performing well. Have customers who are loyal and return each month, find out who they are so you can offer them personalized savings. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking to take your dog grooming business to the next level and want a POS system that will help get you there, Turnkey can help. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon!

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