Best POS System for a Mini-Grocery Store

31 Aug 2018

Mini-grocery stores, also known as mini markets or convenience stores are exactly as the name notes, a smaller store that provides dedicated goods (typically food items) in a convenient manner. These stores are located in urban areas, easy to get to, quick to stop into for a last minute purchase and often times can carry items specialized from international markets, for example, that you may not find at other large chain grocery stores.

mini grocery store

As a small start-up just getting into the retail space, you likely have a smaller budget and even fewer people to cover the abundance of tasks required to keep your business in operation. That’s where a powerful point of sale (POS) system can help.

Long gone are the days of big, clunky cash registers taking up valuable counter space and with limited capabilities. Today’s technology-based solutions are sleek and powerful.

Clover POS Systems are not only secure to protect your customers and your business, they’re also reliable and stylish devices that can adapt to changing needs. Accept more than just cash from today’s shoppers. The POS system allows transactions from credit cards with EMV chips, mobile payments and can have additional devices attached such as a scale, label printer, and scanner so you can get shoppers through the line quickly.

Plus, as a mini grocery store, you likely will benefit from the hundreds of apps in Clover’s app store. These take the benefits of the POS system beyond saved counter space and added payment options. Get help keeping track of inventory, employee schedules, important sales data, and so much more.

To provide protection for your transactions and payment information, all Clover transactions are PCI compliant and protected by TransArmor, a proprietary system that encrypts, tokenizes and prevents third-party access.

Own a mini grocery store? Don’t tackle the payment landscape alone. Turnkey can help get you set-up with a POS system that works for you. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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