Bring Your Barbershop into the 21st Century with Clover™ POS Systems

13 May 2016

A chair in a barbershop.

It’s a good time to be a barber.

Fashion and style trends among Millennial men (we won’t say the “H” word), along with a growing preference for small local businesses over large chains has meant a boom in business for the corner barbershop.

In fact, Inc. magazine has reported that the cosmetology and barber school industry was the fasted growing in the country for the year 2011, with 29% growth in the salon industry overall. This is due largely to a resurgence in the idea of old-fashioned, “shave and a haircut” style men’s salons.

But while demand for old-school barbershops is higher than it’s been in decades, if you want to stay competitive in this newly-burgeoning industry it’s going to take more than a spinning pole and a steady hand. A Clover™ point of sale system can give you the tools you need to run your barbershop business right, like the proper modern start-up.

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The Benefits of Clover™ POS Systems for Barbershops

Stylish Modern Design

Clover POS SystemIf you manage a barbershop or salon, that means you’re in the business of keeping up appearances. Clover™ offers sleek, modern design that can provide a touch of style to any salon. The Clover™ design is unique, taking its inspiration from companies like Apple and Tesla.

Function Surpasses Form

But as attractive as it looks, Clover™ truly shines in its unrivaled performance as an all-encompassing point of sale system and business management tool. Called the first-ever “smart POS,” Clover™ offers business reporting, analytics, compliance with PCI-DSS standards, and a full-scale app marketplace the can give you software tools to customize your system and craft your business.

And, of course, it lets you accept multiple payment methods, including EMV chip cards and mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Clover™ Can Help Keep Track of Your Appointments

A barbershop pole. Toss out the dusty old ledger book and update your scheduling system with the Salon Scheduler app from Appheaven, available in the Clover App Market. Salon Scheduler offers numerous features and benefits for those managing barbershops, such as the following:

  • Schedule weekly appointments for multiple employees
  • Record past appointment history
  • Send SMS reminders to customers about upcoming appointments
  • Daily backups
  • Sync with Clover Salon Scheduler smartphone app so you can manage your business from anywhere
  • And more!

Clover™ Makes Marketing a Breeze

The Clover™ App Market also includes numerous software solutions designed to help you with marketing and customer loyalty. Perka Rewards lets you create custom loyalty programs to keep customers returning for cut after cut, and Digital Work of Mouth offers customer incentive programs, coupons, mobile and social media communication tools, and more.

Get Your Clover™ Barbershop POS System from Turnkey Processing

If you’re interested in setting your barbershop up with a Clover™ POS system, the team at Turnkey Processing is ready to help you with every step of the way. An authorized retailer, Turnkey goes above and beyond what most other Clover™ retailers offer, providing set-up, integration, and ongoing support as your business grows. Get in touch for a quote by using the form below.

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