Automated Online Cafe and Menu Ordering

6 Nov 2019
Michael Pucci

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Automated Remote Ordering

Lets get your employees off the phones and serving customers.

There are three phone lines ringing. You have a store full of customers. There is a line back-up and every employee that could be helping customers is on the phones plugging in orders. There are worse issues to have as a business, but slow customer processing is still a problem. While long lines and high call volume is better than empty seats, processing customers quickly is a problem for many businesses. People want your services, but your employees are busy answering phones instead of helping provide service. With outdated call in ordering your employees are answering phones like switchboard operators instead of efficiently serving customers. Let’s make remote ordering automated and get your employees off the phones.

Let’s Automate

Automated online ordering with at store pickup is a blessing for your growing business. Automation with App and online ordering takes your employees off the phone and allows them to focus on sales service. The Clover PoS system offers online order App integration options like OrderEm. These Apps will let your customers order from a web page, an App, or from Facebook. These orders are entered directly into your PoS so that your employees can focus on your business instead of being a phone go-between.

Your path for success requires you to remove hurdles between your potential customer and your businesses. Speed and ease is no longer a luxury but instead a minimum requirement for many customers. Modern customers have less time and expect faster transactions. To the call-in customer, their perceived “time it takes to be served” starts when they dial your restaurant. To your call-in customer, before the order is entered into your POS their internal service clock has started. With using an App, web, or Facebook order via integrated Clover Apps your customer’s “service clock” starts the same time as the order is entered. While this may only be three to four minutes quicker service per customer,

If you need assistance setting up your apps or putting together your Clover Station and credit card processing system, we are here for you. Take a minute and see what options we have for you.