Clover™ Makes for a Souped-Up Auto Repair Shop Point of Sale System

16 Mar 2017

A mechanic working on a car's brakes.

Auto repair is an important industry. Cars are a significant investment, and people rely on theirs to get to and from work, to run errands, visit friends, take care of their family, and more. Mechanics make sure cars can be counted on.

But mechanics need to rely on the tools of their trade as well. This means wrenches, ratchets, lifts, compressors, and all the other tools of the trade. But auto repair shops also need to rely on other tools—like a good point of sale system.

The Benefits of Clover™ Point of Sale Systems for Auto Repair Shops

Clover™ is the future of the point of sale system.

Made with a sleek, modern design inspired by the likes of Apple and Tesla, Clover™ point of sale systems offer numerous benefits:

  • Easy to use touchscreen functionality
  • Full PCI-DSS compliance and end-to-end encryption
  • Accepts multiple payment methods, such as EMV chip cards, PIN debit, credit, mobile payments, and more
  • Multiple platforms, including the Clover™ Mini and Mobile systems for increased flexibility and portability

What’s more, the Clover™ boasts unique Android platform with its own dedicated marketplace of software applications. Clover™ apps can help you customize your system to your needs, making it more of a central hub for your business than just another cash register.

Keep reading to learn more about apps from the Clover™ market.

Useful Apps from the Clover™ App Market for Mechanics

A Clover Mini Point of Sale System

The Clover™ Mini

DropThought & Owner Listens for Customer Feedback

DropThought and OwnerListens make receiving and responding to customer complaints and feedback easier than ever. Customers can engage directly, and you can respond straight from a smartphone or online.

Appointments Pro

Seven Spaces’ Appointments Pro app lets you manage repair appointments with features like employee calendars, SMS appointment reminders, agenda and calendar view, customer check in, and more.

stockIt for Inventory Management

Revco’s stockIt app lets you create a single order guide with all your items and vendors, organized the way you think about your business. This is a useful tool for any retail business, but especially mechanics and auto repair shops, which have to keep a variety of parts on hand for countless makes and models.

Invoice ASAP for Invoicing and Accounting

Invoice ASAP creates custom customer invoices that sync automatically with accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero. Save time and effort on accounting and let your customers leave in their newly repaired car ASAP.

Get a Quote on a Clover™ Point of Sale System for Your Auto Repair Shop from Turnkey Processing

If you’re interested in learning more about how Clover™ point of sale systems can help your auto repair shop thrive, contact the team at Turnkey Processing today. Officially authorized, independent Clover™ retailers, Turnkey specializes in customer service and support. Turnkey works with numerous auto shops in Connecticut, giving them an intimate understanding of the industry’s needs and pain points, leading to better service overall.

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