A Closer Look at the Best ISO Agent Program

14 Sep 2018


With the economy on an uptick and consumers gaining confidence in spending, there’s one thing businesses need more than ever – payment processing solutions. That’s why getting into the merchant services industry is a smart business move.

If you’ve been looking for a way to earn compensation for your skills in selling solutions and working with clients, becoming an independent service agent is worth looking into.

Selling merchant services and products for one of the leader’s in the industry, First Data, has its benefits.

Not only are 6 million merchants already using its products and services, but they have an unparalleled product portfolio that drives customer revenue and profitability so it makes selling easy.

If all of this sounds amazing and you’re excited to start selling but apprehensive about the rest of the legwork needed for ongoing success there’s an option: Becoming an independent agent through Connecticut-based Turnkey Processing.

The merchant services provider is an Independent Sales Organization that has partnered with First Data to sell merchant services and products and working with them comes with a multitude of advantages. When you become a sub-ISO with an existing First Data ISO like Turnkey, you’ll have amazing flexibility, training, generous commission-only compensation, paid travel and even opportunities for advancement.

We also offer transparent schedule A’s to ensure our partners get the most money and the POS systems and smart terminals we provide such as Clover and its full-scale App market, are in high demand from merchants across industries.

If you’re ready to get started on a path to sales success and want support from a company that’s focused on “Remarkablism™” and consistently exceeding expectations of customers and partners, get in touch today!

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