5 Clover Apps to Make Your Restaurant Holiday-Efficient

17 Oct 2018

holiday dining

The holiday season is approaching fast. If you own or manage a restaurant, then you know that retail franchises are not the only ones who benefit during this time of year. After all, the day before Thanksgiving is the most celebrated bar night of the year. Clearly, consumers flock to restaurants and bars just as much as they flock to the mall.

Even though this influx of hungry shoppers and holiday tourists is consistent year after year, restaurants often fail to handle the demand as efficiently as they could be. Yes, part of it has to do with being understaffed. Not everyone wants to work during the holidays, and the people who do are often putting in large amounts of overtime so that they can gear up for their own holiday shopping sprees.

Combine understaffed with overworked, and you’ll get a recipe for a busy restaurant with long wait times. Fortunately, there is a 3rd element that can help to curb the business of your establishment: Technology.

Working smart is always the better move. Clover’s Point of Sale (POS) system is smart and makes running your business easy. Together with advanced payment capabilities and an app marketplace, businesses are empowered to succeed.  

Here are 5 apps available via the Clover App Marketplace that you can use to improve productivity and reduce wait times during the holidays:


1. Shifts

Before anything else, it’s best to make sure that your staff is properly accounted for. The Shifts app makes it easy for employees to punch in and out, and for managers to view these punch times. When it gets really busy, you don’t want to have to worry about whether employees are clocking in and cashing out. Let the app store the data, and if there are discrepancies, you or your manager can audit everything during slow periods.

2. Clover Dining

Built for managers, servers, and bartenders, this all-inclusive app allows users to create and edit virtual floor plans of their entire establishment. This makes it easy to know what orders go where. Servers can easily track customer orders and keep up with changing guest counts. This app also features payment preauthorization, which ensures that funds are available before issuing receipts.

3. Order Inspector

This app allows managers to generate and print a report of all orders. The report shows a summary of orders by status, as well as gross payment, tip, credit, and refund totals; it all provides a detailed listing for each order, with line item totals and transaction breakdowns by tender. Whether you need to keep your own records or provide detailed information to external auditors, you’ll find this app to be quite intuitive.

4.  Inventory

Never wonder how much meat, cheese, liquor, or french fries you have in stock again. With this app, you’ll know what you have and what you need.

5. Tips

Few people carry cash anymore. To keep up with the card-swiping phenomenon, use this app to quickly add tips to credit card payments.

Don’t have a Clover POS system yet? You’re in luck. Turnkey knows payment systems inside and out. Be prepared for the busy holiday season with payment technology that’s next level. Get in touch today!

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