3 Ways to Build a Strong Gift Card Program for Your Business

4 Jan 2019

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Gift cards are not just a holiday gimmick. On the contrary, a smart, year-round gift card program has been proven to drive more sales and bring in new customers while retaining existing ones. In fact, 75% of consumers spend an average of $38 more than the value of their gift cards when they redeem them. Now that you know how profitable gift cards can be to your business, let’s break outline 3 strategies you should adopt in order to succeed.

1. Get the Word Out via Email & Social Media

Only having your gift cards on display in-store will not be enough. Spread the word by leveraging the power of the internet. If you don’t have a website, build one. If you don’t have a social media account, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, then make one. Once you have some kind of online presence, focus on collecting customer email addresses. Offer coupons and discounts for signing up. When you’ve collected some email addresses, the game is on!

When launching an email marketing campaign, remember not to overdo it. Users don’t respond to spam; as tempting as it may be to send a new email every day, it’s in your best interest to be more strategic. Introduce gift card related emails monthly with a specific theme. If you run a coffee shop, then position it as a great winter pick-me-up. If you’re a restaurant, then use images of seasonal dishes to entice these recipients.

Apply these same strategic principles to your social media campaigns. Post regularly, but don’t annoy people with spam. 2 – 3 sentences of witty text is easier to digest than a giant block. You should be using social media to increase awareness and drive people back to your site.

2. Build Loyalty With Effective Redemption Incentives

Everyone likes when you sweeten the pot with a deal that’s hard to refuse. For example, If you own a restaurant, offer a free appetizer to customers who redeem their gift cards. This will keep customers talking about your brand year-round.  

3. Offer Branded Digital Gift Cards

What’s better than delivering gift cards right to a customer’s inbox? With Clover Gift Cards, you can easily manage, store, and distribute them digitally. If you’re a small, medium, or large business in need of an intuitive payment processing system, then contact Process Turnkey today. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your Clover POS needs.

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