3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs to Start Accepting Credit Cards

19 Feb 2018

credit cards

Business success depends greatly on the number of sales made each day. In retail and food service, this percentage of sales is a very large factor of profitability. Small businesses have the additional challenge of having to compete with their larger counterparts despite smaller budgets.

This doesn’t mean they have to fall behind. With the right choice of solutions, small businesses are still able to compete and succeed.

For a closer look at the ways you may be losing sales, we’re focusing this blog in on payment options. Did you know that only accepting cash is hurting your business more than its helping? Sure you’ll need to deal with a few surcharges or fees, but the potential to increase sales and spending is too large to ignore.

Here are 3 reasons your small business needs to start accepting credit cards.

1.      Increase Sales & Spending

Can you think of all the times you’ve had to turn down a customer because they did not have cash on them? It’s probably more than you can count today as credit cards are used far more than cash. Now think about all of the people who held back from buying more items they wanted because they were unsure if they had enough cash with them to cover the bill? With credit cards that worry is erased and you’ll likely see higher bills and total purchases happening if customers can use alternate methods to pay.

2.      Improve Customer Service

Cutting down the time customers spend in line waiting to pay for items is a top reason to get a new POS solution at your location. But there are other ways you’ll be boosting your relationship with customers. When they are able to use their mobile devices to pay, or don’t have to stop somewhere to get cash for their purchase, they’ll start to develop a liking for your brand, strengthen their loyalty, and will likely become a repeat customer.

3.      Gain Powerful Data

In addition to a sleek and easy to use payment system, you can also gain important data and information to further improve your business. Consider all of the better decisions you can make when there is data to back up claims. See more sales of a product happen on a certain day of the week?  You can focus on pushing sales of that item or stocking more on your shelf for that time. Notice a pattern in what’s converting to a sale? This and more is possible using the data provided by a sophisticated system like Clover.

Offering the right mix of POS hardware and software, Clover makes it possible to get paid while running your business better. From all-in-one countertop solutions, to mobile, on-the-go devices and a powerful app marketplace, the possibilities for business are endless.

If you’re a small business and ready to start increasing sales and potential, let Turnkey be your answer. We understand payments and have customizable, user-friendly processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. We’re also here to answer all your questions and help your business grow.


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