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Countertop Terminals


Turnkey provides reliable high-speed countertop terminals and Pin-Pads with built-in security to protect card information, and a compact design to fit any business environment.


  • Great to have as a backup
  • Next-day funding for major credit cards
  • Connects through internet or phone lines
  • Safe, secure, EMV and PCI Compliant


NFC Terminals


NFC stands for “Near Field Communication.”  This technology allows your customers to pay with mobile apps such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet – simply by waving their phone over the NFC terminal.


nfcterminalsvirtual terminals


Virtual Terminals


Our Virtual Terminal can be operated from any computer.  It can store cardholder information securely, and can be used to setup recurring payments with customers. 


  • Controllable from any computer or internet connected device
  • Store cardholder information safely and securely
  • Easily setup for recurring payments (such as memberships)



Mobile & Wireless Terminals


Mobile and Wireless Terminals are a great solution for businesses that are ‘on the go.’  


  • Safely accept payments anywhere through our wireless solution
  • Rechargeable battery rated for 12 hours of continuous usage
  • PCI Compliant peripherals available to turn your “Smart Phone” or tablet into a terminal

mobile wireless terminalsenv ready terminals


EMV Ready Terminals


EMV or Europay Mastercard Visa is the new standard in credit card security.  Consumers often refer to this technology as credit cards with ‘smart chips.’  Effective October 1, 2015 merchants will be responsible for any fraud that takes place at their business if they are not compliant with EMV standards. In addition to enabling compliance and providing security, Turnkey’s all-in-one EMV solution can help you:


  • Prevent fraud at point of sale
  • Become compliant with the 2015 EMV standard
  • Reduce the risk of liability for fraudulent transactions


EBT Terminals


EBT or “Electronic Benefit Transfer” refers to our Government’s system of issuing welfare to card holders on a magnetic card similar to a credit card.   Our EBT ready terminals allow certain types of Retailers to accept this governmental form of payment.  To learn more about whether you qualify to accept EBT payments visit our EBT page.


  • Accept “Electronic Benefit Transfer” or Food Stamp Payments
  • Currently over $80 Billion of Food Benefits are issued throughout the US
  • See if you qualify to be an EBT retailer here


ebt terminals



Gift Card / Loyalty Program


Whether you’d like to create a custom gift card program for your business with our in-house design services, or integrate your existing program with our processing, we can help.  


  • Create Custom Gift Cards, or integrate your third party gift card program
  • Link multiple merchant locations (or a franchise) into a single gift card program
  • Receive accurate, timely net settlement of gift cards and easy-to-use reporting
  • Drive repeat customer business with unique loyalty programs




A POS, or “Point of Sale” system is made up of integrated hardware and custom software that allow you to accept payments, track inventory, integrate with accounting software, run reports, market to customers and much more.

  • Processing compatibility with many POS systems including:
    • Find the full list here
  • Fully Licensed Distributor of Clover, the first “Smart POS”



*New* Clover Mobile


The world’s first integrated mobile POS with EMV, NFC, and on-screen PIN entry allows you to increase customer turnover and satisfaction.  Whether you’re a retail store looking to bust lines, or a restaurant that would like to take orders directly from customers and allow them to ‘pay at the table,’ Clover Mobile is the ultimate tool.  Increase sales by providing a unique and memorable experience that customers will tell their friends about.




**New** Clover Mini


Clover Mini is the future of the Credit Card Terminal!  It’s an all in one solution that’s EMV and NFC ready.  It can run wirelessly over 3/G 4/G or Wifi so you can take it wherever your business goes.  Best of all, you can add many of the popular apps from the Clover market including: gift cards, loyalty, analytics, and employee management!  When you’re ready to scale up, it’s easy to upgrade to the full Clover Bundle. 



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