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Introducing Clover POS

A game-changing POS System


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Find out why Clover is considered the first ever “Smart POS.” Not only does it do all the things a normal POS system does, but it’s full scale App-Market allows Clover to grow with you and your business. Powerful apps like Insightics help you discover things you never knew about your business, your customers, and your competitors. All of which will help you make better decisions to grow your business. There are over 5,000 developers currently working on new apps to make Clover more powerful and custom tailored for you. Just like the “Smart Phone,” Clover will only get better and better over time!

clover pos

clover pos



Take pride in displaying this state of the art POS system. With design inspired by Apple and Tesla, Clover will sit pretty on your countertop.  However, it’s form is truly rivaled by function. Clover’s patented swivel screen allows for flawless and fun customer interaction. USB ports located below the receipt printer allow for connectivity to bar code scanners, scales, kitchen printers, and more.



Advanced loyalty Apps such as Perka allow you to replace the “paper punch card” system, and get to know your customers better. Find out who your top customers are, get to know them by name, and even see a picture of them pop up on your screen when they walk in your store! Imagine having the ability to text message these customers promotions anytime… and then being able to instantly measure your success with Insightics!

clover pos

clover pos



Clover is one of the most secure POS systems on the market.  It adheres to the latest PCI-DSS Compliance Standards, and receives security updates for free on a regular basis.  A few of the security technologies that have been designed for Clover include an end-to-end encrypting card reader, data tokenization, a locked-down operating system, and a mutually authenticated SSL.  As a business owner, you can rest easy knowing your customer’s data is secure with Clover!

Clover Mobile

The world’s first integrated mobile POS with EMV, NFC, and on-screen PIN entry allows you to increase customer turnover and satisfaction.  Whether you’re a retail store looking to bust lines, or a restaurant that would like to take orders directly from customers and allow them to ‘pay at the table’, Clover Mobile is the ultimate tool.  Increase sales by providing a unique and memorable experience that customers will tell their friends about.

clover pos

clover pos

Clover Mini


Clover Mini is the future of the Credit Card Terminal!  It’s an all in one solution that’s EMV and NFC ready.  It can run wirelessly over 3/G 4/G or Wifi so you can take it wherever your business goes.  Best of all, you can add many of the popular apps from the Clover market including: gift cards, loyalty, analytics, and employee management!  When you’re ready to scale up, it’s easy to upgrade to the full Clover Bundle. 

Clover Go

You don’t just go to work every day. You get after it—wherever work takes you. But there’s one thing you need every day: a way to take payments when you’re not sitting still.

So whether you’re running around your store or tend to take matters into the field, Clover Go Contactless Reader is your go-to POS for secure credit card swipes, dips and taps like Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay™ and Android Pay™. It also offers many of the same industrial strength payment capabilities and the security as our larger Clover devices. Just provide your own smartphone or tablet and a free hand.

Clover Flex


Small in size, Clover Flex is built to do business wherever you are. Easy to take with you and easy to hand to customers- they can dip, swipe, tap, enter a pin and sign, whether in line, in the aisle, or at the table. And its built-in receipt printer and scanner ensures Clover Flex delivers the ultimate in flexibility. 

As your business grows, Clover Flex grows with you. From inventory to employee and customer management, you can run a full POS from the same compact device that takes your payments.