Bring Your Brick and Mortar and Online Stores Together with E-Commerce Integration from Clover™

18 May 2016

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It goes nearly without saying, but retail is not what is used to be. Gone are the days when all it took to open up shop was a storefront and some inventory. Without going into each of the myriad ways that running a retail business have changed over the last couple of decades, it’s safe to say that probably the most significant has been the ubiquity of online shopping and e-commerce.

E-commerce has opened up the market to many, but it’s also made almost every field more competitive than ever, and made it hard to stand up to big companies like Amazon and Wal-Mart. Increasingly, the most viable model for the small business owner is a multi-channel approach, integrating old-fashioned brick-and-mortar sales with online and e-commerce shopping.

But if it’s not done intelligently, trying to operate multiple sales channels can be the equivalent of running as many unique businesses at once – which is to say, simply too overwhelming for just about anyone. Luckily, Clover™ can give you the tools you need to streamline the process and succeed, whether you’re a brick and mortar retailer looking to break into online sales or vice-versa.

E-Commerce Integration & Multi-Channel Sales Software with Clover™ Point of Sale Systems

Clover™ point of sale systems have been called the first ever “smart POS,” and for good reason. Clover™ terminals bring your brick and mortar store sleek design, versatile functionality, and sophisticated Ecommerce integration for consignment features like analytics, marketing automation, and more in their App Market.

Perhaps more importantly for those with multi-channel business models, the Clover™ App Market also includes numerous options for integrating with an online store:

  • Shopify Integration by JunoConnect – Juno will automatically transfer sales data, orders, inventory, and more from your Clover™ system to your online store, saving time and money.
  • Magento Integration by JunoConnect – Prefer Magento to Shopify? No problem. JunoConnect has a Clover™ app for that too.
  • BigCommerce Integration by JunoConnect – Beginning to see a pattern?
  • eCommerce Sync for Clover by Sku IQ – This app has options for Shopify, Magento, and other platforms, in addition to offering custom e-commerce site creation if you’re just getting things off the ground. Features include Reserve In-Store, Same Day Delivery, and In-Store Pick Up.
  • Sell Online by Ecwid – Sell Online helps you to instantly create an online store directly from your Clover™ station, with full synchronization and features like Facebook integration so that customers can make purchases right from your social media pages.

Set up Shop Directly with Clover™ Online Store

Not already using a third-party e-commerce platform? Create your own online presence using Clover™ Online Store, an all-in-one online solution that provides you with tools to create a professional website from scratch, update product information, and start selling online easily and without fuss. Integration with your Clover™ retail POS is, of course, standard. Get more information about Clover™ Online Store here.

Get Your Clover™ POS System from Turnkey Processing

If you’re interested in having using Clover™ to bridge the gap between your on and offline sales, get your system set up with the team at Turnkey Processing. An authorized Clover™ retailer, Turnkey takes pride in going above and beyond what many others consider good enough, working with you to get your Clover™ set up and in action, instead of just shipped to your door. To learn more and get a quote, simply fill out the form below.

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