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23 May 2016
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The Internet has completely revolutionized almost every aspect of our daily lives, from the ways we communicate and learn about the world to how we manage our daily lives and order food. Perhaps most radically, though, is the ways in which the Internet has revolutionized the way people shop.

From 2010 to 2016, the share of e-commerce sales of total U.S. retail sales has almost doubled, from 4.2% to 7.8%, and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down. What’s more, consumers are increasingly turning online to research and make decisions about what they purchase, even when they plan to go to a brick and mortar store. People’s perceptions of a merchant or brand are heavily influenced by the impressions they get online.

In short, if you’re in the business of selling a product in the 21st Century, you’ve got no choice but to sell online if you want to stay competitive. Luckily for merchants, Clover™ is launching a comprehensive e-commerce solution with the Clover™ Online Store app and online platform.

What is Clover™ Online Store?

Clover™ Online Store is an “all-in-one” online solution for business owners who want to sell online and improve their business’s online presence.

Clover™ Online Store offers easy-to-use tools to help create a professional-quality website with your own custom domain from scratch, using pre-existing templates and a convenient content management system.

Simple interface lets you upload and edit business information, add products and manage inventory, connect your store with social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, customize shipping rates, and more. E-commerce and shopping cart functionality is built right into every site created with Clover™ Online Store, so you can start selling and accepting payments as soon as your site is live.

Designed with small and medium businesses in mind and backed by industry leader First Data, Clover™ Online Store’s features also include the following:

  • Clover™ Security data protection to make sure transactions are secure
  • Automatic search engine optimization, so shoppers can easily find a business online
  • Simple integration of shipping charges and customizable tax rates
  • Live help support and online resource library to assist with website development
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Mobile-friendly platform, meaning the websites are optimized for use across tablets, smartphones and laptops
  • Inventory, orders and customers are all tracked in one place
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions from the moment you log in to your account

Seamlessly Integrate with the Clover™ Retail Point of Sale System

When combined with the Clover™ point of sale system, in a brick and mortar location, Clover™ Online Store consumers offers a true omnichannel shopping experience, while providing business owners with Clover POS System Terminalonline and offline sales data, transaction information, analytics, marketing tools, and more on one comprehensive platform.

The Clover™ system’s robust business management tools include apps to help manage staff and payroll, automate sales taxes, automatically integrate sales data into third-party bookkeeping tools, automate social media posts and direct marketing, manage stock and vendor orders, and more.

While Clover™ has offered simple integration with third-party e-commerce sites in the past, this is the first time that they have provided an online shopping platform of their own, making Clover™ a truly comprehensive platform for business owners.

Get Your Clover™ POS from Turnkey Processing

While Clover™ Online Store is available to merchants with or without a POS terminal, merchants and business owners will see the best benefit with the complete Clover™ package. If you’re interested in learning more about getting a Clover™ terminal for your brick and mortar retail store, restaurant, salon, or any other business, get in touch with the team at Turnkey Processing today.

An authorized Clover™ retailer, Turnkey goes above and beyond merely setting up hardware to offer business owners training and tips to make sure their customers can get the most out of their new system as possible. Fill out the form below to learn more.

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