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Integrate Your Springboard POS with Hardware from Clover™

Springboard is one of the most popular enterprise-level retail POS systems on the market today. That’s for good reason—Springboard offers real-time sales data, customer management tools, inventory and order management, and more with user-friendly interface and custom reporting. And if you use Springboard (or plan to), things just got even better. The Springboard platform can

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Upgrade Your Salon or Spa’s Booker POS System with Hardware from Clover™ and Turnkey

Booker is a cloud-based business management and point of sale software that’s built specifically for salons and spas. Featuring automated marketing automation, social media promotion, customized booking pages, online booking via Facebook, Google, and Yelp, analytics and insights through the Business Intelligence Dashboard, payment processing and POS features, and much more, Booker has a lot

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How to Open a Vape Shop: Starting Your Own E-Cig Business

There’s almost no industry poised for more growth in today’s economy than e-cigs and vaping. Despite increasing regulatory pressure from the FDA and other government agencies, e-cigarettes are increasing in popularity as more and more people use them for recreation, as a smoking cessation aid, and more. As vaping becomes more popular, so do vape

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Customize Your Clover™ POS with a Custom App from Turnkey

Of all the great features that set First Data’s Clover™ point of sale system apart, there are none more powerful than the Clover™ App Market. The App Market transforms point of sale systems into comprehensive business management dashboards. Featuring hundreds of software applications from leading third-party developers, Clover™ apps help with everything from sales analytics

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